Jason Stone Design

Jason Stone Design

Renal Function Monitor

Journey Map of Device, Drug, Patient, ICU Nurse and Dr.

How might we… create a system to allow Nephrologists and Critical Care teams to have real time visibility into a patient’s kidney function.

Goals: Easy deployment by hospital staff and set-up.
Workflow integrates into an existing ICU environment.

Console interface aides in setup, usability and provides clear renal-monitoring data.

Transdermal sensor is unobtrusive and straightforward to apply with minimal fiction for the users.

Interface for GFR number tracking is clear and compatible with existing information display standards for vital data. (Body Temperature, Pulse Rate, Respiration Rate, Blood Pressure)

  • Role Design Lead, Strategy, UX, UI, Research

  • For MediBeacon

  • Date 2016

  • Type Medical Device, Usability

  • URL www.medibeacon.com/

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